Seniors & Graduation


Congratulations to the Class of 2021!!!


All of the dates/times are dependent on the district’s pandemic response.  Please understand that flexibility will be the ‘name of the game’ during the 20/21 school year. – Miss Odom


You have worked hard to get to the point of high school graduation. You are to be commended for your hard work!!  We are excited to see where our DSA graduates go in life.  We hope that you always stay in touch and let us know your successes in life.

Whether you are the first to graduate in your family or the last, there are many steps you must follow to ensure a smooth senior year and a clear path to the graduation ceremony. The people and numbers below will you help navigate your way to the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Chairman
Assistant Principal Miranda Odom is the chair of the graduation ceremony. If you have questions about any of the information listed below, please email her at

The 2021 graduation ceremony will take place at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on Tuesday, May 25th at 5:00 pm.  It should last approximately 90 minutes.  The doors to the theatre lobby will open at 4:00 pm.  The doors to the theatre will open at 4:30 pm.

Tickets to the Ceremony
The graduation ceremony is by ticket only.  All seniors will receive 10 tickets to the graduation free of cost.  They will receive them on Monday, May 24th after the graduation rehearsal at DSA.  After that, tickets may be purchased for $10.  Seniors/families may purchase extra tickets from the treasurer, Jaymie Montoya, after rehearsal is complete on May 24th.  Once the extra tickets run out, they’re gone.  Ms. Montoya will sell tickets until she leaves on Tuesday for the ceremony.  Extra tickets will be sold at the ceremony beginning at 4:30 pm.  Everyone will need a ticket – including small children.  Only babies, sitting on laps, do not need a ticket.  Tickets will be cash only.  There will be no refunds given on unused tickets.

Senior Timeline
The senior timeline will help keep you organized throughout the year.  Print one out for your home as well as your backpack.  Use it as a reference so you don’t miss any steps/information.  PLEASE NOTE:  check the timeline periodically.  The date in the top center is the last time it was updated.  If you see a newer version, print it out and throw away the old timeline.

Class of 2021 Senior Timeline

Cords and Sashes
DSA seniors have the chance to wear 6 cords or sashes during the ceremony:

black/white cord – DSA Honors
blue/gold cord – thespian
green cord – student council
pink cord – Tri M
white sash – 7 year senior
gold sash – National Honor Society

These cords/sashes will be handed out to the seniors on the same day they receive their cap and gown during the first rehearsal in the Schomp Theatre.  List of qualifying seniors will be placed on the this website during the spring so seniors can check to make sure they are on the correct list.  Seniors do not need to pay for the DSA Honors cord or 7 year senior sash.  The other 5 cords will be paid for by dues paid to that particular club/organization.

We ask that no other sashes/cords/decoration be worn by the students during the graduation ceremony.  Students, of course, may wear whatever additional decor they wish in family or professional photos taken before or after the ceremony.

SAT School Day
October 27, 2020

Senior Open Houses
October 9
October 23
October 30
12:25 pm – 1:10 pm
Online with the DSA HS Counselors
Do you need help with school applications?  Scholarships?  Navigating Naviance.  Looking at your college essay?  Deciding where to apply?  Bring your lunch to the Counseling Center Conference Room.  DSA Counselors will be there to help answer your questions!

May 7 – due to Mr. Coral
All seniors must turn in their scholarship/grant info to Mr. Coral in the counseling center.  On the graduation program there will be a listing of all scholarships/grants received.  An amount will NOT be listed next to the listing.   Info turned in after this date will not be listed in the program.

May 7 – Prom Attendance
In order for a senior to attend the 2021 prom, he/she must have the following complete by May 7, 2021:
1)              All online classes must be complete (including passing the final exam)
2)              Fees/fines must be paid in full.  Questions can be directed to Treasurer Jaymie Montoya.
3)              Attendance rate for the entire school year must be 80% or higher.  This includes excused and unexcused absences.
4)              Not have any significant behavior incidents during my senior year. This will be determined by the DSA administration.

May 8 – Prom
May 8, 2021

May 18 – senior must complete
1)   All seniors must have logged into Naviance and completed their senior exit survey.  If you have questions, please see your counselor.
2)   All seniors must have logged into Naviance to put in their college selection for the fall of 2021.
3)  All seniors must have paid all their fees with treasurer Jaymie Montoya

We will order caps and gowns on January 15th.  Details to follow in January.
Jostens Packet pickup will be on January 7 from 3pm – 5pm.

Our Jostens representative is Nils Erikson.  Nils can be reached at 303-985-0095.  Cap and gowns are not handed out until the May 24, 2021 rehearsal at the Schomp Theatre at 10 am.

Fall Brown Bag Cohorts
All seniors will rotate through a lunch time meeting with the counselors.  These are called the Brown Bag Cohorts.  12 students per day will be asked to sign in the pre-identified Google Meet link to attend their Brown Bag meeting.

DSA High School Counselors will explain the way in which to apply for college, where, on the DSA website, to locate different forms to get letters of rec/transcripts, where on the website to do college searches/scholarship searches, Naviance requirements for seniors, etc.

It is hoped that this 45 minutes will clarify how the DSA Counselors will help to support our seniors through their college/scholarship search.

Brown Bag presentation can be found HERE
Brown Bag (slides only) can be found HERE

Senior Fees
All seniors are responsible for paying any outstanding fees to the treasurer’s office.  Seniors will not be able to attend prom nor receive their cap and gown or graduation tickets until all fees are completely paid.  This information is NOT listed in IC under parent or student portal.  We will upload current fees/fines throughout the school year and list them at the top of this website.  They will always be listed by student ID number.  You may speak directly with treasurer Jaymie Montoya if you have any questions.  Her direct phone number is 720-424-1711.

Your Counselor
It is important throughout your entire high school life that you keep in touch with your counselor.  Try to stop by at least once a semester to check in.  During your senior year, however, it is more important than ever.  Your counselor will work with you to make sure you have met all graduation requirements.

Last Names A – F
BriAnne Bredenberg

Last Names G – L
Gina Subudhi

Last Names M – Z
Kristy Jaramillo

Senior Recitals
Seniors may use the Concert Hall for senior recitals during the dates listed below.  There are two concerts each day:  one from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm and one from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  We will take reservations for the Concert Hall on a first come/first serve basis.  You may reserve a date through April 30, 2021.  No email requests will be honored.  You must come into the office and speak personally with Ms. Conley.

In order for the senior recital to count towards DSA Honors, it must be complete by April 30, 2021.

20/21 Senior Recitals – unknown as of now

Maia Learning
All seniors must log into Maia Learning a minimum of twice during their senior year.  The first time is in the fall.  You must then log back in the spring to complete your senior survey.  If you have questions specifically about this district requirement, please see your counselor.

Denver Scholarship Foundation
The mission of DSF is to inspire and empower Denver Public School students to achieve their college dreams.  In addition to providing college and financial aid advice to high school students, DSF offers need-based scholarships that can be used at 32 partner colleges in Colorado.  The colleges include technical and community colleges, state colleges and universities, and private institutions. The scholarship is renewable for up to five years.  Learn more at

Photo of senior at ceremony
At the ceremony you will walk across the stage and receive your diploma from an adult.  At that moment, a picture will be taken of you.  After the ceremony, you can go to and register your name and email to receive you photo.  You may also find your photo at  Questions about this photo can go to Grad Images.  Their phone number is 800-628-4509.

DSA Honors
All seniors have the opportunity to graduate with DSA Honors.  This will be signified by the black and white cord around the graduate’s neck at the graduation ceremony.  Below is a download of the DSA Honors requirements.  All DSA Honors requirements must be turned into/clarified to Miss Odom by April 30, 2021.  After this date, the graduation program goes to print.

DSA Honors


Graduation Rehearsal #1 – May 24
The first rehearsal will be held on May 24th  This rehearsal will begin at 10:00 am in the Schomp Theatre.  At this rehearsal all seniors will receive their seating assignments and we will run through the entire program.  Seniors will receive their cap/gown/tassels/stoles/tickets at the conclusion of this rehearsal.  The rehearsal will last 2 hours.

Graduation Rehearsal #2 – May 25
There will be 2 graduation rehearsals in May.  Both are mandatory.  Rehearsal #2 will be held at the graduation site, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, on May 25th at 10:00 am.  All seniors will be bused to the site.  Please look below for info on transportation that morning.  It will last about an hour.

November 6, 2020 – Senior Yearbook Photos due to yearbook
January 8, 2021 – Senior Baby Ads due to yearbook

Senior Photo Instructions

Baby Ads

Questions to   Room 217

Senior Final Exams
Seniors will take their final exams for periods 1,3,5,7 on Monday, May 17, 2021.  Seniors will take their final exams for periods 2,4,6,8 on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.  Tuesday, May 18, 2021 is the last day of school for seniors.

Is there a senior checkout?
No.   When you come in for rehearsal on the 24th, we will be ready for you.  Make sure you have completed the May 18th requirements.  If you have not completed one of these steps – you will not receive your graduation materials on the 24th.

Parking for the graduation ceremony
Denver Public Schools is not afforded any “special” parking when using the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA).  You may use light rail or park in the DCPA parking structure.

Transporting to graduation rehearsal #2 on May 25
Our 2nd graduation rehearsal will happen the same day as graduation – May 25th.  It will happen at our graduation site, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.  Since parking is difficult, it is HIGHLY suggested that all seniors meet at DSA at 9:15 am.  We will ride together to the DCPA and be dropped off at the back door of the Ellie Caulkins.  Ms. Odom will meet you there.   The bus will also return all seniors to DSA directly after the rehearsal.  Please note:  if you choose to drive yourself, the main doors to the Ellie Caulkins will be locked.  You will have to find the way in on your own.  Hint Hint.  Ride the bus.  Stick together.

Wow!!! That’s a lot to remember!!  A reminder that you may always email Miranda Odom at if you need clarification.