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Directions – Signing up for a college visit

Directions –  DSA Course Planner and ICAP Survey

9th Grade Directions – Interest Profiler

10th Grade Directions – Career Cluster Survey

11th Grade Directions – Essay and Resume

12th Grade Directions – Resume and Exit Survey

Need help with Naviance?  Email or call your high school counselor – Mrs. Bredenberg, Mrs. Jaramillo or Mrs. Subhudi.

What is Naviance and why is it important to your child’s education?
The Personal Education Plan or PEP, is the key component in planning the academic tracking for students in order to determine whether they are on track with the correct number of credit hours for graduation from high school and progress towards college.  The counselor meets with every student to develop their plan.  Naviance is a web based system that stores information about each student such as: scholarship search information, career exploration, district surveys and career interest surveys, understanding personal learning styles, academic and admission data for colleges across the United States, and a reference chart that gauges their acceptance by comparing GPA/ACT/SAT statistics with other seniors across America.  It is an essential tool for any high school student to house all their data for their future educational aspirations.