PSATNMSQT – October 29, 2020

The PSATNMSQT stands for the PSAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

All DSA juniors will take the PSATNMSQT on October 29, 2020.  Juniors are automatically signed up.

The test is all multiple choice – no extended writing prompts.

Students will meet in the theatre foyer.  Testing will take place in the library and Movement Studio.  The test will begin approximately at 8 am.  Students are generally done by noon.

The cost of the 2020 PSATNMSQT is covered by the state of Colorado for 2020.

Miss Odom, the assistant principal, will send out PSATNMSQT information to all juniors with all the testing information in early October.  This information will explain the details of the test.