Class of 2021

Colorado SAT
April 14, 2020

Bring sharpened pencils, a manual pencil sharpener, calculator and a watch.  Make sure the watch has no internet or picture-taking ability.

No technology may be accessed, used during the test or during breaks.  Any technology seen will be taken.  DSA will search pictures and texts to make sure nothing unethical was done during the test.  An irregularity report will be sent to College Board.  Your phone will be returned at the principal’s convenience – plan on a few days.


If you (a junior) or a junior parent wants to receive reminder texts throughout the school year for the SAT class, please follow the directions on the flyer below.

Remind Class of 2021


Class Overview

Downloadable copy of the 19 20 SAT class expectations

Denver School of the Arts is committed to helping our students succeed in college readiness. As part of this process, the DSA administration is committed to assisting our students in achieving admission to the college of their choice. As part of this process we are determined to help DSA juniors be prepared for success on their college entrance exams. These exams are designed to help colleges judge students’ potential to perform academically at the college level. Lack of preparation, or introduction to the style and types of questions these exams ask of student, often sets students at a disadvantage.

Student scores on the SAT or ACT do not count for credit or a passing grade for this class.  The goal is to practice for the test.  All students are expected to meet the minimum class requirements – regardless of their final SAT/ACT test score.

SAT has partnered with Khan Academy.  After students take the PSAT in October, they will be able to link their scores directly to Khan Academy and receive an individualized study program based on their areas of need.

Part of this preparation is taking the SAT. As part of this help, all juniors are required to be part of an SAT course. This course will be worth 5 credits on the 2nd semester of their junior transcript. This is a pass/fail class. If the course is passed, a “P” will appear on the transcript. It will not impact a student’s GPA. If the course is failed, an “F” will appear on the transcript. This will compute on the transcript as a 5 credit F on a 4.0 scale – negatively impacting the student’s GPA. The class will be in 2nd semester IC under an “ALT” section. It will not be part of the daily 8 period schedule.

The Course Requirements

  • It is the student’s responsibility to check online at the “Counseling Department” website for class details. The class is listed on the top bar under “juniors”. The site will be updated as the assignments are added.
  • three assignments first semester
  • three assignments second semester
  • all assignments will be given a due date
  • Late assignments will not be accepted and cannot be excused by parents. No exceptions.
  • Students must complete 5 of 6 assignments to “pass” the class
  • One of the assignments will be the PSAT test on October 16, 2019. Make sure to pay the $18 fee at August registration
  • One of the assignments can be substituted with proof of payment and attendance of an SAT/ACT prep class OR an SAT/ACT tutor. The class must be complete and documentation given to Miss Odom before the April 14, 2020 SAT test date. A Kaplan class – for example. Typically, a paid invoice is considered proof of attendance.
  • One of the assignments can be substituted by taking a national ACT or SAT test before the April 14, 2020 SAT test date.  The student is responsible for making sure that DSA receives scores for this test. This waiver may only be used once for this DSA class. Make sure DSA’s SAT/ACT code is added to any ACT/SAT test you take throughout the year: 060443. Proof of this is by turning in a copy of the entrance ticket provided by ACT/SAT.
  • One of the assignments will be to attend 2 out of 10 SAT classes offered here at DSA from 3:05 pm – 4:05 pm. Class dates will be in April – two classes per afternoon. These classes are taught by DSA teachers.
  • All students will receive an SAT Study Guide purchased by DSA. This guide will be distributed on the first day of the assignment.
  • All assignments will be given to Assistant Principal Miranda Odom – who will log the completion into Infinite Campus. Students will “sign in” their assignments with Miss Odom.
  • Being absent from school (for illness/school visits/field trip/travel/etc) is not an excuse for turning in an assignment late.  All assignments are due to Miss Odom on or before the due date.  No exceptions.  Please plan appropriately.
  • Assignments will not be given out all at once. They will be given throughout the school year.
  • All communication about the class will be done through IC messenger. If the parent/student’s email address does not appear in Infinite Campus, he/she will not receive the assignment information. Both student and parent will see all communications. Please make sure you/your student’s correct email is in Infinite Campus.
  • All class information, due dates, etc is listed on the DSA website:
    1. DSA Homepage
    2. Students
    3. Counseling Center
    4. Juniors

Assignment #1

Downloadable copy of Assignment #1

This is assignment #1 for your SAT class.  You have from August 21 – October 11 at 3 pm to complete the assignment.

Each junior must stop by Miss Odom’s office, sign for an SAT practice book and label his/her SAT practice book.  We have bought one book for every junior.

The Assignment
You will be doing some general reading as well as practice items.

1)         Read Chapters 1 & 2       pages 3 – 27                       general overview of the SAT
2)         Read Chapter 5               pages 43 – 48                    overview of the reading test
3)         Read Chapter 15             pages 191 – 197                 overview of the math test

This is a general overview of the SAT.  College Board will talk about the format of the test and explain how the test is scored.   Take notes.  Highlight.  You will come away with a good understanding of what to expect on test day.  This part of the assignment should take you less than an hour.

1)         Pages 257 – 290 (math)

This is a practice math test.  Why math?  The greatest majority of DSA students struggle more with the math portion of the SAT over the literacy portion.  Therefore, we will start with math first.  The answers are right underneath questions.  Try to cover the answer so you don’t see it right away.  The book will tell you why the other 3 answers were wrong.  Do your figuring right in the book (you won’t have scratch paper for the SAT – so we want you to start practicing using the space at hand)

Due Date
To get credit for the assignment, your parent needs to sign pages 3 (beginning of the reading) and 257 (beginning of the math). Your parent is stating, by their signature, that you read the introduction and practiced the math sections at home/school.  You need to bring your SAT book to Miss Odom’s office and show her pages 3 and 257.  She will also have you sign that you showed her the book by the October 11th deadline.  Your parent will then receive an email to confirm that Miss Odom received their signature on your SAT book.

It is our hope is that the more you expose yourself to the SAT content and practice, the better you’ll be on the actual test day.

All SATs books, with parent signature, must be shown to Miss Odom ON OR BEFORE 3 pm on October 11, 2019.  Those turned in after this date and time will not be accepted for credit for the SAT class.

You will keep the book for your future assignments.

Assignment #2

Downloadable Copy of Assignment #2

You will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, Oct 16th.  This is Assignment #2 for your SAT class.

You will take the test at Johnson and Wales University.

  • Please meet outside the Schomp Theatre at DSA at 7:35 am
  • Please bring 3 #2 pencils with an eraser. Pencils will not be provided.  Mechanical pencils are not allowed.
  • Bring a manual pencil sharpener as there is none at Johnson and Wales
  • Bring a watch (no beeping sounds). I will have some small clocks in front but sometimes they are hard to see from the back of the testing hall.
  • Bring a calculator.
  • You may not have food or drink during testing.
  • You may not have a cell phone, ipad, ipod or any other electronic devise in testing. Please do not bring it with you.  You may not use a phone during break.  Any phones seen in the testing room or during breaks will be taken and given to Mr. McWright.  They are subject to search.  McWright will return them in his own convenience.
  • Will we be done before noon. You must attend your arts class in the afternoon

This is the only date DSA has available for the test.  Please make sure to mark your calendars now.

Assignment #3

Downloadable Copy of Assignment #3

example turn in for #3

You have from Wednesday, October 16, 2019 – Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 3 pm to complete the assignment.  That is 9 weeks.

You will take a full length practice SAT test on Khan Academy.

  • Google Khan Academy
  • Create a user name/password
    1. You need to use your name for the username. If you put GolfGuy95, for example, I will have no idea who you are.  Make sure to use your full name.
  • Sign in to Khan Academy
  • You will land in a dashboard which has: math by subject, math by grade, science, computing, etc. Look for and click on Test Prep/SAT
  • Click on B – take your first diagnostic quiz
  • It will take you to your dashboard. Where it says dashboard, it also says: dashboard, practice, tips/strategies, full tests, review.  Click on Full Test
  • There are 8 full length practice tests. Take any one of the practice tests – you select which one
  1. There are 4 sections in the test: 65 minutes, 35 minutes, 55 minutes and 50 minutes. Make sure you have 3 ½ hours before you begin.
  2. Even though you can take one test in a sitting (waiting to do the rest at a later date), please take the entire test at one time. This mimics the actual SAT.
  3. No food, no drink, no music, no TV, no phone. Make yourself do it in a “real” SAT environment.  Sit in a quiet place and give yourself one 15 minute break after the “writing and language” section.
  4. Once you start a section, you can’t stop. Make sure you are ready to test.


In order to receive credit for the assignment, you must reach a minimum of the 9th Grade SAT Benchmark scores:
Reading and Writing – 410
Math – 450

In order to get credit for the assignment, you need to print out your score card and turn it into me. You can also screen shot it and then print it out.  There is an exam copy of what needs to be turned in above. 

No parent signature is required on this assignment.

Just an FYI – the JUNIOR benchmark for compentency for the new state graduation requirement is:
Reading & Writing                       470

Math                                           500
Try to reach this score for practice.  The required score for the assignment, however, is just the 9th grade benchmark scores.

I will see you on or before 3 pm on Thursday, December 19, 2019.


Assignment #4


Assignment #5

Assignment #6


Alternative Assignment #1


Many DSA parents have their junior either work with an SAT/ACT tutor or take an SAT/ACT prep class.  I will use that as one of the 5 assignments.  To use this as an assignment option, I need a hard copy of the paid invoice turned into me before Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

DSA does not endorse of any these outside vendors.  This is simply a list of outside study agencies which former juniors have used over the years for an outside tutor or class.  You may select from one here or select one of your own liking.  In order to use an outside tutor/class as one of the required 5 assignments, the student must give Miss Odom a copy of the paid receipt before April 14, 2020.

1)  College Direction
College Direction has two courses beginning in September. They will meet for six weeks. For the schedule and registration, please go to the College Direction website at http://www.collegedirection.org.  Call Susie Watts at 303-692-1918 with any questions.

application for College Direction

2)  Mindfish
1320 Pearl St #108
Boulder, Colorado  80302

3)  Full Passage
6021 South Syracuse Way, Suite 109
Greenwood Village, Colo  80111

4)  Princeton Review
Apply online at princetonreview.com

5)  exllearning

6)  Arnita Barclay

If you have any other ideas for official outside agencies providing ACT/SAT prep, please email miranda_odom@dpsk12.org

Alternative Assignment #2


If your student selects to take a national SAT or ACT before our April 14, 2020 Colorado SAT date, he/she may use this as one of the 5 assignments.  To use this as an assignment option, I need a hard copy of the entrance ticket into the exam before Tuesday, April 14, 2020.  The student’s picture will be on the top corner of the entrance ticket.  Students may use this option one time.