Senior Brown Bags
September 14th-17th – After school 2:40-3:30pm
Information about future planning and completing college applications. Students only—please see your counselor if you need to change the day you come.

Senior Brown Bag Class of 2021 Presentation

Boettcher Scholarship Meeting
Tuesday, September 22nd – Lunch 11:10am
Information about a merit-based scholarship to be used in Colorado. Meeting open to students and/or parents. See form more information.

The Boettcher Scholarship Presentation

Boettcher Scholarship Information Handout

Daniels Scholarship Meeting
Thursday, September 24th – Lunch 11:10am
Information about a need-based scholarship, can be used anywhere. Meeting open to students and/or parents. See for more information.

Daniels Fund Scholarship Presentation

Daniels Fund Information Handout

CU Denver College of Arts and Media Hosts a College Night 
Tuesday, September 29th – 6-8:30pm

Senior Open Houses
Fridays, October 9th, October 23rd, October 30th, and November 6th 2:30pm – 3:00pm
Counselors are available to support seniors with college applications, including essays, Common App, linking Common App and Maia Learning, answer questions or provide support. These open houses are for students only.

Community FAFSA Support Workshop
Sponsored by Denver Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Night
Wednesday, October 14th
Information session on finding scholarships, and some work time to begin looking for scholarships. Open to students and/or parents.

Scholarship Night Presentation

Scholarship Handouts

Concurrent Enrollment Meeting
Meeting for students interested in taking courses on college campuses in the spring semester. Open to students and/or parents.

9th and 10th Grade Night
Monday, November 16th
Topics that will be discussed:
Academic Overview
What you need to know about credits, transcripts, graduation requirements, and course planning.
Scholarships now
What your students can be doing now early on in high school to start earning scholarships as well as an overview of financial aid.
Maia Learning
What is Maia Learning? How your students can use this program for college and career planning right now.
Opportunities for questions
High school is overwhelming for both students and parents. There are lots of questions and you don’t always know who to ask. This is be a wonderful opportunity to meet your student’s counselor and ask those important questions.

9th and 10th Grade Night Presentation

Alumni Night 
January 11th
Panel of DSA graduates discuss their college experience and recommendations for students on applications and adjusting to a college environment. Open to students and parents of all grade levels.

Junior Brown Bags
Each student is assigned a mandatory lunch hour to attend with information about future planning. Students only—please see your counselor if you need to change the day you come.

Junior Brown Bags Class of 2021 Presentation