Majors Audition Materials – Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

One of the first things we will do at the beginning of the year is to assess where the students will sit in their sections according to skill and experience level.  This activity is extremely important so that students have an idea of who to ask for assistance in their section and who to offer assistance.

The section Practicing Artists are in charge of the actual materials and the auditions.  The audition may be done as early as Monday, August 26th, the first day of Practicing Artists Mondays or may be done two weeks later – this is entirely up to the sectional coach.

Please read the instructions carefully for your specific instrument and your major.

All Concert Band students – grades 6-8 will go to this site:  to download YOUR specific instrument audition sheet.  This does not apply to saxophones or trumpets. Concert Band Saxophones and Trumpets please see below!

All Wind Ensemble students – grades 9-12 will play the Colorado All State Band requirements located here: 2020-asb-audition-poster  You are expected to have your own copy of the audition material.  Be sure to check the scale requirements!  Wind Ensemble Saxophones and Trumpets please read below as well!

Saxophones (All)

  • Concert Band
    • 2 major scales and 1 harmonic minor of student’s choice, full range
    • Guy Lacour Etudes #19 and #20  Guy Lacour Etudes 1920
    Wind Ensemble
    • 2 major scales and 2 harmonic minor of student’s choice, full range
    • Ferling Etude #15
    • 1st page of Ida Gotkovsky’s Brillance Mov. II  Ferling Etude 1516

    Gotkovsky Brillance II

Trumpets (All)

  • Concert Band
    2 2 octave major scales of your choice
    Chromatic scale low f# to high c
    Piece of your choice (2-3 min)
    Arban Etude 92 (PDF below)
  • 2019ConcertBandTrpt
  • Wind Ensemble
    All major scales (2 octaves when possible)
    Chromatic scale low f# to high c
    Piece of your choice (3-5 min)
    Arban No. 9 Fantasie and Variations on a German Theme (Intro and theme)