Awards and Accomplishments

Congratulations to the following visual arts students who have had work accepted to the Citywide Art Exhibition.  Works will be on display at the Wellington-Webb building this March.

Laura Romero (11th Grade) “Colorado”
Olivia MacLeod (11th Grade) “You Reap What You Sow”
Ollie Green (11th Grade) “All information you’ve consumed has been intended for you to find it”
Rebecca Perez (11th Grade) “Roaring 20’s”
Mika Leith (11th Grade) “Jewelry Box”
Jewell Nichols (11th Grade) “Divide”
Ella Wyche (10th Grade) “Just a Phase”
Hayden Brashear (10th Grade) “Paresthesia”
Lorelei Gennett (10th Grade) “Consumption”
MinSuh Kwak (9th Grade) “Memories”
Antonia Pettis (9th Grade) “Contemplating”
Arianna McKinney (10th Grade) “Elegphant”
Genisis Corbett-Denton (10th Grade) “Humidity”