Awards and Accomplishments

Despite school not being in session, our 8th – 12th graders National History Day students competed virtually!!!  Congratulations to all who competed!!


DSA NHD Regional Results

The award winners below are going on to the State digital competition in May. Two winners from around the state from each category will go on to the national digital competition in June.

Middle School Division

Junior Individual Exhibit
#1 Pharoh Johnson: Dr. Williams, breaking barriers in racial and medical history

Junior Group Exhibit
#1 Lorelei Hearne, Els Bamberger, Zinnia McKenna: Valentina Tereshkova: Breaking Barriers as the First Woman in Space
#2 Albertine Gingrass, Angelina Holm: Shattering the Land of the Rising Sun

Junior Individual Website
#1 Reina Kushihashi: Where Did All The People Go? Breaking Barriers In Mental Health

Junior Individual Documentary
#2 Mia Balderas: Brown Berets: Breaking Barriers in Chicano’s Education

Junior Group Performance
#1 Nora Rowe, Gia Vasconcellos: Ruling the Night: The Awe-Inspiring Legacy of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment

Junior Paper
#1 Melina Collier: It’s Time To Act: An Emergence Of Activism During The AIDS Epidemic

High School Division

Senior Individual Exhibit
#1 Ariana Waters: Born with Curiosity: How Grace Hopper Broke Barriers in Military and Technological History
#2 Briana Sacker: Henry Dunant: Broken Medical Barriers on the Battlefield
#3 Piper Moss: Making WAVES to Break Barriers

Senior Group Exhibit
#2 Brianna Kay, DeJaNae Segovia: Racial Barriers Broken: Colorado KKK Edition

Senior Individual Website
#2 Zevulun Lieberman: Swimming the Seas of Space: Mariner’s Journey to Overcome Political and Technological Barriers to Advance Humanity’s Knowledge of the Solar System

Senior Individual Documentary

#1 Clarise Reichley: Breaking Barriers in Feminist Literature: The Unconventional Lifestyle of Colette
#2 George Williams: The Panama Canal: The Barrier Between the Seas Broken by Theodore Roosevelt

Senior Group Documentary
#3 Brandon Kennedy, Benjamin Apodaca: West Side Story: Breaking Barriers

Senior Group Performance
#1 Sarah Blake, Alexandra Miripol, Dakota Gelman, Lily Witsoe: The Beat Generation – Breaking Barriers in Art and Society
#2 Ivy Silvesky, Josie Kucharczyk: Margaret Sanger and her Journey to Breaking Contraceptive Barriers
#3 Karis Peterson, Leah Grossman: The Wake of First-Wave Feminism: Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield’s Road to Success

Senior Paper
#3 Rohanna Hasselkus: Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin: Breaking Scientific and Gender Barriers Through “The Observational Study of High Temperature in the Reversing Layers if Stars”